How do your daily food
choices you make effect your
body on a deeper level?

I asked myself this question many years ago, and I found my answers in my cupboard.

My mission is to teach you how to heal your mind, body & soul using food.

I came into this world a little too early and there were some consequences that left me in and out of hospitals. Digestive problems like low stomach acid, GERD (gastrointestinal reflect disease) and indigestion were uncomfortable and no doctor could connect the dots for me…

Of course it was my diet that just made this issues worse!

Like you, I was into grabbing the quickest option on my lunch break (even McDonalds…ugh, hard to admit that one, lol), until one day I said that enough is enough. There must be a way to heal my digestion.

I found that way through holistic nutrition and once I got massive results I decided to devote my life to the cause…healing people’s bodies from the inside out and lifting their vibrational frequency in life.

Keisha Luke Baking

I had to figure it all out on my own. I had to figure out how to eat healthy on short time budgets, while out and about. Now I’m seriously shortening that learning curve for you.

Now For Some Credentials (I'm Seriously Legit)...

  • I graduated from The University of Toronto in 2009 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts
  • I graduated from Centennial College in 2010 as a Holistic Practitioner with a certificate in Complementary Care
  • I’m a qualified aromatherapist, reflexologist and culinary nutritionist
  • I attained a massage therapy diploma from Wellsprings Massage School
  • In 2014 I received an Honours Culinary Nutrition Expert certificate from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Stick around a bit and you’ll learn how to live your life on the go and heal you body at the same time.

My Nutrition-It-Up meal delivery service in Toronto gives you the option of having healthy, allergen-free meals, created to heal, delivered straight to your door. No thinking about what to buy or cook or how to schedule it in anymore. I wanted to take it OFF of your hands completely.

You can also learn how to DIY if meal delivery isn’t right for you, or if you’re not in Toronto. My online or in-person quick and easy meal prep courses are for you!