Featured Guest Blog PopSugar: Staying Healthy While Traveling

Whether it’s by plane, train or an automobile, many of us constantly live life while on-the-go and unfortunately, this sometimes means that it takes a toll on our bodies physically, nutritionally and digestively.

Many of us travellers alike, resort to the quickest and easiest thing to try to find some sort of balance in our nomadic lifestyle.

Let’s keep this one simple….

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For The Love of Spices!!!

So we’ve heard it time and time again, “Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables!”
I tell my clients this ALL THE TIME! However, there’s always rules to thumbs when it comes to this digestive healing journey.

As a Culinary Nutritionist, who struggled digestively growing up until my teenage years, eating my veggies was one aspect of a larger picture. Yes, fruits and vegetables are GREAT for you, but true healing for me began using my herbs and spices.
See, it’s your herbs and spices that have a direct effect on your digestive system.

Why you may ask?

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