Are You Fuelling Your Car Better Than Your Body?

What if I told you that our bodies are like the cars we drive?

We fuel our cars with gas. Some cars require diesel gas; some require the basic gas, and some require premium gas, in order to keep the engine clean and running at optimal performance.

Our bodies operate on this same level.

The cleaner you eat, intaking high nutrient dense whole foods, the more energy you have, the stronger your immune system becomes, in order to run at optimal performances.

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How Often Do You Get The “S” Word?

How often do you get the “s” word? (And of course I mean sleep!)

If you answered not enough, then ask yourself, “why not?”

Sleeping is a natural part of our basic human function, like breathing.

It helps to keep our serotonin (“the feel good”) hormone levels balanced. Not to mention, coupled with nutritious eats, it can help elevate your mood and energy levels.

So why deprive your body from something that feels SO good?

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5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Digestive System On The Go

Okay, so your nutritionist or naturopath or even your doctor has told you that your digestive system is a little wonky. Or maybe no one told you, maybe you’re feeling bloated and gassy, or suffer from constipation.

But you’re busy! You don’t have time to deal with this!

Oh yes you do because I’ve got five tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine seamlessly.

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