Have you ever had to bring your own food to a work function or social event?

It sucks, right? You get questions, people think you’re a total weirdo or a person not from this earth,
but you’re health is a priority and for choosing that I salute you.

Now here’s a solution:

We cater healthy and healing foods to social events, work functions or parties.

Our food is gluten free, dairy free, food additive free, soy free, and whole, or any combination of this list.

People will come alive by the end of your next event with the foods we serve cooked to help you keep on healing while still being able to be a normal person, going out and living life.

Check out these 3 sample menus:

We customize the menu according to your exact needs and specific requests.

Who is this for?

  • Company functions or parties
  • Conferences In home private parties
  • Family events
  • Or any other events that requires a caterer

Costs of catering:

Prices range from $25 – $125 per person.

Contact us: