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Learn to cook meals
that heal your body

With Online, Group and Private Workshops

These programs are for the DIYers of health, the people who like to dig in, figure it out and create a lasting system for health that works for you and your family.

They’ll put the control of your health back in your hands in a fun, easy and creative way…through cooking. Yes, you can heal your digestion, skin issues, and other nagging symptoms through learning to cook healthy and healing foods.

Check all that apply, then choose the option for you below:

  • You're bored of eating the same meals; you want a variety of healthy & nutritious meals, without compromising on taste.
  • You're seeking change, nutritional solutions to accommodate your everyday, busy, on-the-go lifestyle.
  • You're looking for nutritional guidance to help elevate your health, and/or maintain a healthier lifestyle, rather than resorting to a quick fix "diet."
  • You're seeking guidance and knowledge as to how to maintain a healthier digestive system using whole food nutrition.
Dappeneur Cooking Classes

Live Workshops
In Toronto

I give workshops in Toronto at Le Depanneur. Click below to check out the schedule and to register.

Online Cooking Course

Online Classes

Learn 8 30-min recipes with “Quick & Healing Cooking” online course

Veggies on a Cutting Board

Private Workshops

Want to have a fun night with a group of like minded friends? Gather your group and I’ll come to you