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Learn to cook meals
that maintain a healthy digestive system

With Online, Group and Private Workshops

These programs and/or services are for DIYers of health. They provide you with the guidance, tools and solutions to better assist you in maintaining a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

They'll nutritionally put the control of your health back into your hands in a fun, easy and creative way, cooking with whole foods.

Check all that apply, then choose the option for you below:

  • You're bored of eating the same meals; you want a variety of healthy & nutritious meals, without compromising on taste.
  • You're seeking change, nutritional solutions to accommodate your everyday, busy, on-the-go lifestyle.
  • You're looking for nutritional guidance to help elevate your health, and/or maintain a healthier lifestyle, rather than resorting to a quick fix "diet."
  • You're seeking guidance and knowledge as to how to maintain a healthier digestive system using whole food nutrition.
Dappeneur Cooking Classes

Live Workshops
In Toronto

I give workshops in Toronto at Le Depanneur. Click below to check out the schedule and to register.

Online Cooking Course

Online Classes

Learn 8 30-min recipes with “Quick & Healing Cooking” online course

Veggies on a Cutting Board

Private Workshops

Want to have a fun night with a group of like minded friends? Gather your group and I’ll come to you